Pixel Pajama Studios Devlog

Rainbow Sparkle Time Early Prototype Screenshot

abonbon has created some beautiful concept sketches for our next project, I have an initial prototype with functioning rainbow rails, and we scored four new Sonar Smash articles: Pocket Gamer, Droid Gamers, TouchArcade, and Northern-Gamer.

Sonar Smash App Store Screenshots

Devlog #12: Moving Forward

The goals this week involved pushing Sonar Smash's Apple review, preparing an update for Astral Defense, and beginning the concept stage of our next project. A bunch of little tweaks and bug fixes were implemented this week and I had a couple unexpected walls to climb to compile a version that Apple would review.

Sonar Smash Pregame Screenshot

Devlog #11: More Checkboxes

Our main goal this week was to get a version submitted for Apple Review, which I'm planning to submit tonight actually. To complete that goal we had many other tasks to finish up which included creating screenshots, improving our descriptions, working on our trailer, updating a few graphics, and even porting in several more tracks from Abstraction Music.

Sonar Smash App Store Description Sketching

Little things keep popping up such as the recent formatting issues on longer displays and arrow mode being hard to use but I'm hopeful we'll have v1.0 submitted for Apple review next week. This week our goals were to push our leader board and achievement updates to our community beta, more sound design and audio balancing, and continue to improve our release trailer.

Sonar Smash Trailer Teaser

Devlog #9: On the Mend

Our goals going into the week were to work with Sound Design, link our Google Play Services, make progress on our Trailer, and finish a bunch of loose ends with the achievement system.

Sonar Smash Achievements Screenshot

Devlog #8: Back from Vacation

On the days leading up to our christmas vacation we went a bit into overdrive and slammed 72 achievements into Sonar Smash. This included coming up with names and descriptions for each one individually, visualizing the achievement screen, two new pixel art assets from abonbon, and lots and lots of coding.

Sonar Smash Header Image

Devlog #7: Community Beta

With this came three days of finding all the game breaking bugs and produce a version both abonbon and I were happy with sharing to our community. In addition this week I have began coding together a pretty large achievements system, created some leaderboards on iOS, and we have opened up our Ko-Fi page.

Sonar Smash on Ipad

After last week's never ending hunt for bugs it was time for some new systems to code. I also took the time to completely redesign and condense the pregame selection screens into one all inclusive screen.

Sonar Smash Alpha Power Selection Screenshot

Devlog #5: Bug Hunting

We side tracked a bit this week looking for bugs and planning our next project while also doing some turkey related celebrations. Our main goal this week was to introduce Relics into the game but my priorities changed mainly towards some serious bug hunting.