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Bonnie K "abonbon" Thompson Portfolio Picture


Bonnie K Thompson

Co-Founder, Lead Design

Bonnie is our resident illustrator, pixel artist, animator, graphic designer, and video editor. She received her BFA with Honors in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in Spring 2004 and worked for over 14 years choreographing and programming international water features. More recently she’s become a mom and a pixel artist.
She likes flowers, mountains, and music.

Pixel Gallery

Project Experience

  • Pixel Art,  Animation and Graphic Design,  for Doomridge Dungeon Demo
  • Concept, Illustration, Pixel Art, Animation, Graphic Design, Trailer Editing, and Sound Design for for Sonar Smash

Software Proficiencies

  • Aseprite
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Pyxel Edit
  • After Effects
  • Blender

Art Media

  • Pixel Art
  • Vector Art
  • 3D Modeling
  • Traditional media (gouache, oil, acrylic, paper, fabric)
  • Video

Featured in:

Contact: abonbon(at)pixelpajamastudios(d0t)com