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Doomridge Dungeon Title

Doomridge Dungeon Controls

The Doomridge Dungeon Demo uses requires a keyboard and has not been optimized for mobile:

  • WADS or Arrow Keys to Move
  • Spacebar, Z, or Left Click
  • Mouse to Attack or Start Game
  • E or X to Open Chest/Open Door/Climb Down
  • Escape for Pause Menu




Progress is auto-saved every floor; if you encounter a game breaking bug simply refresh your browser.

Share your deepest run with us!

Asset Pack available on and Unity Asset Store
Demo and Art by: Pixel Pajama Studios
Music from: Three Red Hearts by Abstraction Music
Title Display Font: Alagard by Hewett Tsoi

Doomridge Dungeon is a short dungeon crawler demo featuring pixel art assets available in our Pixel Dungeon Pack. Descend into an endless labyrinth full of traps, monsters, and treasure.
Doomridge Dungeon Demo Gameplay Screenshot
Doomridge Dungeon Demo Gameplay Screenshot

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