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Hello, I’m fedellen and welcome to my 6th weekly devlog. Our main goals this week included pushing relics into the game and to continue designing suitable sound effects. After last week’s never ending hunt for bugs it was time for some new systems to code. I also took the time to completely redesign and condense the pregame selection screens into one all inclusive screen. I’m very impressed with how well these devlogs have personally helped my productivity and confidence in how much we’re able to get done.

Relics and Pregame Selection Revamp

Early in the week I focused on slotting the Magnet Relic and Revive Stone into the game via the Reward Chests and also into the Vendor. These relics are rare passive abilities which both can be equipped at the same time. The Magnet Relic simply vacuums all rings to the dolphin. The Revive Stone brings the player back to life with 2 hearts and Hyper Mode activated after firing an onslaught of 12 Spread Shots as shown above. This randomly reminds me there is a little bug in the delay to clean up some time next week.

Sonar Smash Alpha Relics Screenshot
Sonar Smash Alpha Revive Stone Screenshot

​While I was creating the necessary screens to display these new additions I began to realize it was getting a bit cluttered at the beginning of the game. My quick solution was a clean and concise selection wheel. The clean and concise part is still a work in progress but I’m quite proud of it in it’s current stat. I was able to delete hundreds of lines of code and simplified a lot of the menu commands and logic in the process. There are still some little optimizations to be done but this was a big step in the right direction from a game design perspective. Essentially it gets the player into the game faster every time.

This week actually flew by pretty quickly with abonbon getting a project from her day job and us all attending funeral gatherings for my grandpa with me as a pallbearer. On the side I’ve been picking out a few sound effects here and there to re balance in Audacity. I try to play around with different reverb effects and pitch changes to find something that sounds right and then balance the volume. There is still a long way to go in this regard and I have a lot to learn but little by little the sound effects are coming together.

Sonar Smash Alpha Pregrame Screenshot

Next Time

Our main goal next week continues to be audio balancing and sound design. A big side goal next will be launching our community beta which does include a few more sound tweaks and some loose ends on the coding side. We keep trying out new iterations of our tutorial wave setup so a little work to be done there as well. A continuing stretch goal would be to create a pipeline for implementing achievements into the game.

Thanks for reading!
fedellen, Pixel Pajama Studios