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Services For Hire

Pixel Pajama Studios offers a wide range of freelance services and/or contract work including pixel art commissions, sprite animation, graphic design for streaming, custom programming and even web design.

Pixel Art Sprite-Work

We can deliver polished Game Assets, Custom Tile-sets, Character Design, Props, Icons, Concept Art, and Pixel Art Backgrounds in a variety of resolutions and styles.

Game Programming

We offer assistance with certain areas of Game Programming, Game Design, and Monetization Strategy. Our programmer fedellen has experience specifically with game engines Stencyl and Unity.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Get custom graphics for your indie project or channel available in a variety of art styles. Including but not limited to Social Media Banners, Game UI Design, YouTube Graphics, Twitch Emotes, and Profile Pictures.

Video Editing & Trailer Creation

Want to spice up the trailer for your next project launch? We have some experience with video editing and creating unique action-packed trailers.


Literally bring your ideas to life. If you’ve got a fleshed out idea for a game we can quickly develop you a prototype that will impress your potential investors and audience.


Our animator abonbon has experience with a variety of different animation. We offer Character Animation, Animated Graphics, Animated Backgrounds, and more.

our Pixel Art Creations

Sonar Smash Available Now Poster Image

Sonar Smash

Our second pixel art indie title published, Sonar Smash, is available to download for free on mobile. Its a super cute, fast paced shoot ’em up featuring a lovable dolphin protagonist. Sonar Smash was Featured by Apple in May 2020.


Skull’s Nightmare Pixel Art

abonbon has recently been hired to design and animate the Skull Protagonist and a spooky tile-set for Skull’s Nightmare. This is one of several games being developed by our friends at Skull Commando Labs.

Doomridge Dungeon Demo Gameplay Screenshot

Doomridge Dungeon Demo and Assets

We created a little top-down dungeon crawler demo named Doomridge Dungeon to showcase working with a top-down environment. The project’s 16×16 Pixel Art Asset Pack is also available for purchase on and Unity Asset Store.


Astral Defense

Our first title was a quick passion project titled Astral Defense. A tiny pixel art shooter inspired by Galaga and designed for the mobile experience. It was solely developed by fedellen and featured on Pocket Gamer.

Our workflow

Each project is unique and presents it’s own challenges and opportunities. As a result, we always follow a specific set of steps. These steps help us keep everything organized. They also create moments to talk about the project with our clients. This section is phrased towards pixel art commissions but the process is similar in all areas.

At the start of a project we’ll ask questions to learn about what our clients are envisioning. We like to hammer down the scope of the project. Often, we’ll provide early mock-ups to better understand what exactly the client is looking for. Once the project’s scope is fully understood, we’ll provide a detailed estimate for the work. We will always use the price from our estimate unless the client has changed the scope of the project and has agreed to the extra work.

After the estimate is agreed upon, the design process begins. We’ll share early sketches of our designs with the client to get as much feedback as we can. The iteration process during the design phase is an especially important part of bringing the client’s vision to life. In animation projects we’ll often spend extra time on design iteration to ensure the client is happy before beginning any animating.

When our client is pleased with the design we’ll begin development and/or animation of the final product. During development the iteration process will continue.  In addition, we provide updates as often as possible and encourage feedback. After the work is complete and the client is happy with the result, we’ll send our final invoice and deliver the project.

abonbon pixelart: sorceress animations

Let’s Work Together

Our standard rate for art requests is currently $25/hr. We can be flexible to match your unique budget and project’s size. Before contacting us be sure to review our standard licensing terms to see if they work for your project. We’re always open to custom contracts!


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