Pixel Pajama Studios Devlog

Devlog #4: Tweak and Polish

Whenever I lose my thought process or uninspired I'll often compile a version simply to find one thing to change; countless lingering annoying bugs were solved this week. Every time I'm working in an old behavior I tend to add just a little bit more juice to it, whether it be more particles or making all the things happen at random intervals.
The main goal this week was to put on my marketing hat for releasing our Early Reveal Trailer and distributing my announcement press release; both of which I'd mark up as a success. On the development side our goal was to begin implementing sound effects, play test for bugs, and apply some more coding/graphical polish tweaks.
Our main goal this week was to put some polish on our Early Reveal Trailer as well as prepare our Press Kit and Press Release for some sort of formal announcement of Sonar Smash
Hello, I'm fedellen and this is a test of the devlog broadcasting system. My intent is to start a weekly devlog where I write about what we've been working on, some personal indie dev insights, as well as lay out our main goals for the next week.