16x16 Pixel Art Dungeon Pack Icon

Devlog #21: Doomridge Dungeon and Asset Pack

  • fedellen 

I’m proud to announce that we’ve released a little HTML5 demo called Doomridge Dungeon and along with a 16×16 Pixel Art Dungeon Pack! Doomridge Dungeon is an endless hack and slash dungeon crawler where you descend into a labyrinth full of traps and monsters.

Sonar Smash Featured on the App Store

Devlog #20: Sonar Smash News and Content Patch

I’ll be writing a bit about all of the changes and additions for Sonar Smash’s new content patch, v1.1.0. Last Thursday night we were excited to find out that Sonar Smash had been featured in the App Store’s “New Games We Love” category.

Sonar Smash Available Now Poster Image

Devlog #19: Launch Week Recap

  • fedellen 

Its been a fantastic launch week with a huge amount of great feedback and support from the numerous communities we’ve been involved in; especially our own. We’re above 700 total downloads from all platforms as of April 13th’s numbers, which is 5 days since launch.

Sonar Smash Etsy Stickers

Devlog #18: Holographic Dolphins

  • fedellen 

With the launch of Sonar Smash almost a month away, marketing our upcoming game has become my main focus again. Unicorn Runner development will continue throughout our marketing efforts but at a slower pace.

fedellen's pixeldoodle: fortress

Devlog #17 Progress Checks

  • fedellen 

Overall the development on our unicorn runner has been pretty slow this week due to having such limited time to spend coding/drawing. I did have time to make some puzzles and think about some creative coding;

Rainbow Sparkle Time Early Prototype Screenshot

Devlog #16: Rainbow Unicorn Magic

  • fedellen 

Our goals this week involved furthering the development of our Unicorn Runner prototype, which we certainly have. I have created over 10 different jumping puzzles this week and added them to a procedural generator which was my personal goal this week.

Rainbow Sparkle Time Early Prototype Screenshot

Devlog #15: Bringing the Mechanics Together

  • fedellen 

This week we’ve made some great leaps in the development of our unicorn runner project. abonbon delivered some beautiful background layers which I’ve implemented with a whole new system which parallaxes both horizontally and vertically.